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The Rail Guide is a Mobile Application designed for train travellers across Europe. It was developed to help travellers in route preparation process and during the journey itself.To this purpose, the solution presents maps of the main cities in Europe with a selection of unique points of interest per city. The points are divided into 9 categories, carefully chosen to provide the best travelling experience for those who are looking to get to know a city like a local.In addition, the Rail Guide presents information about villages and small cities that can be addressed by train from a main city. The Application also presents information about night trains across Europe, available from a selected main city. In this manner, when a main city is selected, the user can search for places to visit by train, either in regular or night trains, and train information (train station and travel duration) is provided.

With thousands of years of history, the Old Continent has countless jewels to visit and this application helps travellers to do so.


Check the europe map, where you can chose the city to go to.

The City maps, displays a detailed information about a specific city and every point of interest in it, that you may enjoy.

We give a detailed information about the trains you need to catch for a specific city.